Plus Size Furniture Shopping Guide

plus size furnitureToday more and more furniture manufacturers and stores recognise the need to create and offer plus size furniture. One of the most common criteria that people look for when shopping for plus size furniture is durability, comfort and style. The strength and size of the product are equally important in picking the right furniture. Is it comfortable to sit in or lie down on? What is the weight capacity? There are also a lot of materials used in making furniture so check to see what these are. Wood furniture along with reinforced steel frames typically are the best choices since they will not give in easily and can last a long time when looking at sofa beds for example. Furniture stores that offer plus size pieces usually charge a premium price however, in the long run this is worth the investment.

If you are a plus size person you may suffer from difficulties in getting up or getting into a standard furniture size. Typically if there’s enough strain on someone’ back, comfort issues will appear. Consequently, comfort issues should be addressed before making a final purchasing decision. There are various furniture pieces on the market that claim to be the most comfort such as the well know La-Z-Boy sofas, chairs and recliners however, don’t be fooled. You need to ensure that the actual chair or sofa promotes correct posture and body alignment. Does it support your muscles and joints when you get in and out of the chair? Using the right type of furniture will save you a lot of pain and aggravation.

Now that you have a better understanding on what to look for when shopping for plus size furniture, let’s look at some of the retailers’ offering. Recognizing the need of this market, Brylane Home has introduced a new Plus Size Living offer. This covers “outdoor sitting and furniture, health and fitness from personal care and bath, to exercise and travel” according to their site. The Chairs and Furniture category covers: extra large chairs & sitting, oversized bedding, extra large office and camp chairs, oversized patio furniture and bathroom furniture. When looking at some of their products, we have noticed that typically they support a weight of 500 lbs such as their Extra Large Comfy Club Chair, Folding Bed and some of their outdoor chairs. A 20% discount is given when opening up an account and a Brylane credit card is used. Free shipping is offered if your purchase is more than $50.

Another plus size furniture shop is Oversize Furniture. This retailer offers a wide range of comfortable and elegant arm chairs, day chairs, dinning chairs and upholsters chairs for your needs. Living XL offers furniture as well as a clothing line, health and personal accessories. This store truly caters to plus size people and you are able to find some good, quality products at reasonable prices. When compared to Brylane Home, there are lot more furniture pieces that support a large weight load. For example, the outdoor folding chairs and patio rocking chairs have an up to 650 lbs capacity vs. 500 lbs. Another retailer worth exploring is Pear Perfect. Their product line is more on the luxurious side and therefore it commands a higher price but if you are looking for a great, quality furniture piece, Pear Perfect is one of the top choices. Lastly, Klain Design offers a great furniture line that fits all body types. They offer oak, maple and cherry woods and their motto is “our ergonomic furniture is made to fit your body”. The product line consists of: a variety of high, medium and low back chairs, dining chairs, rocking chairs, recliners, sofas and accessories.

Now that you are better informed about the plus size furniture shopping choices, go ahead and pick that perfect chair or sofa for your home. Remember to ask the basic questions outlined earlier and shop around for pricing. Most furniture shops offer free shipping and a toll free number that you can call so take advantage of this.

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