Wooden Wardrobe Closet, Find the Best Furniture By Reading This

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wooden wardrobe closetWooden wardrobe closet furniture are offered in a variety of sizes, colors and materials such as wood, steel and prepac to name a few. In this article, we’re looking at the benefits of a wooden wardrobe closet furniture piece and the different types available in the market place. In more specific, wardrobe closets are broken down into: small, two door wardrobe, three door wardrobe, large, oak wardrobes, pine, dark wood, mahogany, rustic and contemporary wooden wardrobes.

Wooden Wardrobe Closet:

The most popular wooden wardrobe closet is the two door one. These usually come in dark lacquer finish or lighter shade, depending on your needs. The material is usually sustainable wood and it comes with one drawer on the bottom. Most of these wardrobe furniture pieces come in pieces so you have to assemble the entire unit. Pricing varies so expect to pay anywhere from $400 and up for a good quality wooden furniture wardrobe. Of course, IKEA and other discounted furniture stores offer wardrobes but keep in mind the quality that you want and how long you are planning on having this.

The three door wooden wardrobe closet come in pine and oak, most of the time. These provide two compartments where you can hang your clothes and one shelving unit. Depending on the furniture design, there are typically 2 drawers available on the bottom when looking at a three door wardrobe. This is a great addition since you’ll have more storage space. Colors vary but most are offered in ivory (white), light oak, solid pine, rustic pine and dark wood or lacquer. Pricing wise, expect to pay anywhere from $800 and up for a good quality wooden wardrobe piece.

The oak, pine and mahogany wooden wardrobe closets are essentially the same in terms of design as you can shop for two door, three door or full hanging wardrobes.  All in all, we recommend investing into a good quality wooden wardrobe furniture piece that has the required space for you and your family. We like the three door wooden wardrobe closet type since you have two compartments for hanging your clothes and a shelving unit to store your clothes that can be folder. Having additional drawers at the bottom also gives you more room for storage.