Wood Patio Furniture Sets, Read Your Patio Furniture Options Here!

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wood patio furnitureWood patio furniture sets are available  in a lot of varieties from furniture design, colors, built and the type of wood used.  So what are the latest wood patio furniture trends that you can take advantage of when reviewing your patio furniture needs? This article will outline some of the furniture trends so you can make an informed decision about what to look for when shopping for your next wood patio furniture piece. Overall, there are four types of wood patio furniture. Let’s take a closer look.

The first trend is classified as Modern. Typically modern wood patio furniture feature clean lines, great and practical design, quality finish and durable materials. Speaking of materials, the modern patio furniture are usually offered in wicke r. Wicker as mentioned in our earlier article is a a very durable material, stylish and flexible. Having said that, you can’t go wrong with a wicker patio set. We like and recommend the all-weather wicker set from Delphi. Although it’s on the expensive side, this wood furniture set will please all your guests. It’s the ideal set for your pool or your garden setting. Add a rectangular wicker table and you’re set.

The second hot trend in wood patio furniture is the Sectionals. The sectionals, usually made from wicker also give you a great option to enjoy closer conversations as they sit about 4 to 5 people. The modular design of patio sectionals give you the option of designing your patio space as you wish. Some of these sectionals also offer storage space underneath the sofas for example. We like the Fiji Bay, all-weather sectionals as these provide beautiful and neutral colors that will fit within any patio setting. Another beautiful choice is Brighton wicker sectionals wood patio furniture. These are posh sectionals that you can use perfectly for your pool or beach house. There are three sections: the corner chairs, arm less chairs and the ottoman. Being out of wicker, these sectionals are sure to resist corrosion and cracking.

Outdoor day beds is the third category in the wood patio furniture set options. These patio furniture sets come with a love-seat, canopy, two benches that are typically curved so you can bring everyone into a focal point, ottoman and a table. Most of these sets offer reversible cushions and pillows. The material is usually all-weather resistant. These patio beds are a great option if you don’t have a large family. If you do have a large family, we suggest looking at the modern wood patio furniture sets or the sectionals as these provide more space. We suggest the Rendezvous all-weather wicker sectional day bed. This set has a beautiful design, it’s durable, easy to clean (you can just use your hose to water it down and wash it in no time!) and it provides a head-ache free patio furniture set.

Last, if you have a fireplace or fire pit in your backyard, there are a few wood patio furniture sets that you can purchase. There are different options available. For example, there are sectionals that sit 4 or up to 9 people. We like the South Beach all-weather wicker patio set that sits 9 people. This set is durable and has a simple yet elegant design that will fit into any environment. Having stated a variety of wood patio furniture sets, we hope that you’re now better informed to make a decision on your next patio furniture piece. If you’re plus size, these wood patio furniture sets are plus size friendly and you should consider the sectionals, especially the wicker as these are durable and can hold a larger person. Happy shopping and do enjoy your wood patio furniture!