Wood Furniture Restoration, A Simple Guide on Restoring Your Favourite Wood Pieces

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wood furniture restorationWood furniture restoration can be applied to tables, chairs, chests, bed frames, cabinets and drawers to name a few. By following the right restoration process, you can turn any wooden furniture into a beautiful piece. As result, this articles looks at the wood furniture restoration process and gives steps by steps instructions on how to restore wood by the proper way, taking into account time and money.

Everyone wants a perfect restored wood furniture piece and are therefore, spending a lot of time and energy in finding that perfect high gloss finish or trying to sand down the wood perfectly and then applying two to three coats of gloss. This can be achieved if you have plenty of time available. However, how do we look at achieving the best of both worlds? Time and cost savings? Let’s start by looking at the main thing: the wood material. The wood material and general condition of the wood furniture will dictated the effort and time that you need to put into a wood furniture restoration process. The following are some of the best wood materials to consider: pine, maple, oak and birch.

Now let’s look at wood restoration tools needed to start your project. first and foremost goggles are need to protect your eyes from varnish or stain used following by gloves (we recommend cloth gloves), metal scrapper, a cover that can catch all the scrapping, a small to medium size wooden brush, rags (one dry, one damp for cleaning), glue and screws if needed. Now, depending on what you restoring, go ahead and disassemble the wood furniture piece so you can get ready for the next step, cleaning the furniture.

Cleaning the wood furniture can be done by simply using a wet cloth, dipped in a soap and water bucket. This is best as it can be used to clean the wood throughly. If the dirt does not come off, you can use a mix of cleaning products via your hardware store. After this is completed, if parts of the wood furniture still needs cleaning, you can go ahead and start strip the wood with a metal stripper as mentioned above in the tools necessary to restore wood furniture. Use little force as you do not want to take pieces of the wood that are perfectly fine. Wash off the wood again and let it dry for a while. Once dry, you can apply a liquid stripper according to the colour, if lighter areas are needed, go ahead and apply this. Wood furniture is beautiful, so you’re highly unlikely to restore a wood furniture piece that is drastically different from the original colour and shape.

After you have applied a coat of stain, or two, depending on the original condition, it’s time to varnish the wood. Varnishing is a simple process, just follow through the wood making even strokes and pay attention to corners and edges. After a while, let the wood dry and apply another coat if needed. Don’t go to thick with the coats. Let the wood dry again and wipe it again with a dry cloth. One this is done, you should be able to achieve a great looking furniture piece that can now last you for decades. If you want to go a step further, you can apply wooden wax to the furniture, depending on what you are restoring.

These are the easy step in wood furniture restoration. Hope you enjoyed the article and keep on coming back for more informative tips on wooden furniture, wood painting, outdoor wood furniture and overall wood related matters. If you have any other tips involving wood furniture restoration process, we welcome you to submit your feedback and comments!