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IKEA Norden Table, Featuring Gateleg Dining Table

ikea norden tableEveryone is aware that IKEA Norden Table focuses on simple and affordable style and design especially when it comes to wooden furniture and wooden tables. An example of such beautiful wooden design is the Norden Gateleg Table and its minimalism with ingenious flair, appending six drawers underneath a drop-leaf dining table. So what is the result of this beautiful, simple wooden table? Homeowners can now enjoy maximum space savings yet flaunt a classy, understated dinning room. So let’s look more closely at Ikea Norden Table:

IKEA Norden Table:

With the option of raising one or two leaves of the wooden dining table, or none at all, this IKEA Norden Table  offers great flexibility. Designed to seat two to four people, it has a minimum length of 26cm (10 inches) that can expand to 152cm (60 inches), coupled with a width of 80cm (31.5 inches). The six drawers under the table provide additional storage space for your cutlery, placements, napkins and other paraphernalia. Made of clear lacquer solid birch, you can be sure that this IKEA Norden Table is hard-wearing and easy to maintain.

So who’s this wooden dining from IKEA best for? The IKDEA Norden Table is excellent for homeowners on a budget. With its low price but high adaptability  it will appeal to those who are searching for more bang for their buck. Of course there are a lot of choices when it comes to wood dining tables from Ikea and you should consider all when shopping around. However, as mentioned, the versatility of the IKEA Norden Table is great as you could use it as a dinning table, or even tuck it in a corner of your study so there’s space for a craft work (the drawers are great for buttons and fabrics) when inspiration strikes! So if you’re looking for a good, affordable wooden dining table, we recommend that you take a look at this table without hesitation.

Modern Wood Furniture and European Furniture Design

modern wood furnitureIf you’re looking to justify why modern wood furniture  is among the best furniture choices look no further than timber and its benefits.  The benefits are: durability, character and warmth which all wooden furniture has been know for. And who understands this better than Scandinavians. Galanga Living has launched their wood furniture offering, complemented by superb craftsmanship. Galanga Living was founded by Gitte Svarrer and Elsebeth Spangsberg from Denmark and the company is all about Danish furniture design and contemporary homes. Their new modern wood furniture line is highly representative of the company’s design philosophy.

This new line features beautiful, natural and old timber, also known as ironwood. Not only is this wood known to be extremely hard-wearing, it is also undoubtedly a raw material to be treasured. The best part yet, no trees were harmed for this furniture line. Instead, the wood is derived from decommissioned wharfs in Denmark where timber is salvaged and transformed into usable and stylish furniture. Given it eco-friendly nature and its refined proportions, this wooden furniture collection is unlike most timber furniture which may bring to mind rough and bulky aesthetics.

On the contrary, these sophisticated wooden pieces boast a stylish combination of natural beautiful wood as tabletops and raw galvanized iron for table legs. This contrast of warmth and cool offers a unique contemporary yet rustic look and makes for great indoor and outdoor environments. Whether you’re searching for a long and sturdy wooden table for your conference room or personal dining room, or quality furniture for your boutique or cafe, you can be sure that you’ll be able to find something unique and suitable at Galanga Living.

In addition to the ecological ethics and friendliness, fine aesthetics and hardy materials used, the best part about the new collection at Galanga Living is the promise that each furniture piece will last for years. And not just last, but evolved from a modern wooden furniture piece to a beautifully aged and unique piece whose natural cracks in the wood offer life and texture with its very own uniqueness and history. If you are looking for a modern wooden furniture table of other pieces with a European inspired design, look no further than Galanga Living for their beautiful, eco-friendly wooden furniture line.

Art Deco Furniture Review, Art Deco Wood Dining Table

art deco furnitureMany people assume that having a round wooden dining table  is not efficient in terms of space. However, contrary to this belief, these wooden tables can seat more guests due to their shape and make great furniture choices for awkward corners in homes or limited space available. The Art Deco round wooden extendable dining table does all that and more. This wooden dinning table is made of teak and has a beautiful vintage look. A closer look at the Art Deco Furniture:

Art Deco Furniture: Dinning Table

A perfect wooden furniture piece,  the Art Deco dining table combines both the antiquity and modernity in one. The dinning table originates from 1950s and it’s wooden frame is pleasing to the eye especially given its reach mahogany color and smooth round edges. At 110 cm diameter, it can open up to form an oval table that measures 160 cm given its built in leaves. There is also a storage shelf below the table which is great for extra storage space for magazines, placemats or serviettes. If you are looking to add a touch of eclecticism to your dinning room look no further than the Art Deco wooden dining table which is sure to please the eye of any visitor.

This beautiful wood dinning table is not your cookie-cutter creation. The Art Deco furniture is sure to appeal to the vintage furniture lovers. While its wood design dates back to an earlier, romantic era it also addresses the practicality of today’s modern day to day living. Its storage areas and the size fits beautifully in smaller, modern apartments for example. If you are looking for a piece of wood furniture to appeal now and in the future, this might be it.  To complete the the entire dining room, consider adding four elegant wooden  chairs or wicker dinning chairs to complement this beautiful table. Add an elegant vase and you are ready to entertain your friends and family.