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How To Stain Wood The Easy Way

how to stain woodIf you’re do it yourself type of person and looking for ideas on how to stain wood the easy way, you’re in the right place. There’s nothing more rewarding that restoring that wooden furniture piece to a new look. Before we begin, let’s first look at the type of wood stain available on the market so you’ll have an idea what to expect. Take note that, there’s there are two types available: water-based as well as an oil-based wood stain formulas. Oil-based products pros are: longer lifespan giving you the ability to stain large areas such as floors, cabinets, paneling and doors. Further, there’s no need for additional sanding. Water-based wood stain is also a good alternative because it has a low odor, drys fast, it’s easy to clean and provides a variety of stain colors. Brand names that we recommend and like are: Minwax, Behr, Thompson’s, Zinsser, Varathane and Olympic to name a few.

The wood stains can also be broken down into  further classification: interior and exterior use. Minwax for example offers a water-based stain-tint base that adds beautiful color to any wooden furniture. Given that it’s water-based, there’s no strong odor, it has a fast drying time and it’s easy to clean up. Lastly, the tint base can be mixed with over 60 colors. Behr’s Premium 2 in 1 Wood Prep No. 63 offers a great wood stain at reasonable price. This stain is meant to clean and brighten wooden furniture as well as remove any mildew stains. If you’re looking for a wood stain to use of exterior purposes, this is a great product. Now that you have a good idea about  what to look for when buying stain products, let’s take a look on how to stain wood the easy way.

The first step in knowing how to stain wood furniture is to clean the wood thoroughly with a cloth. Simply run the cloth over and wipe out any visible stains. To open the wood, we need to sand the furniture piece slightly. Sand the wood in the direction of the grain to avoid any scratches. You can sand the wood with a #150 or #180 grit sandpaper for best results. You are now ready to start staining the wood. If you’re working with a large piece, make sure that you work the stain into the pores for best absorption. Take your time and do it right as this may cause discoloration if the pores are not covered well. At this stage, use a bristle brush, a foam brush or even a cloth. You can brush against the direction of the wooden grain as this will help fill in the pores better. Timing, this is where you need to decide how long you want the stain to be left on your wooden furniture before cleaning it off. For a well balanced color use the proper time all through. Make sure that the stain is uniformed on all surfaces to avoid any darker spots on the wood. If there’s any stain left that has not been absorbed, wipe this down with a cloth, in the direction of the grain. Leave the wood to dry and you should now have a perfect stained wooden piece.  You can apply a clear coat-finish to add an even more beautiful look.

Before you start to stain your wood furniture, here are a few tips that we want to share with you. Keep these in mind and you’ll be able to learn how to stain wood like a professional. First, know the type of wood you’re planning on staining. Some woods for example absorb a lot of stain where others don’t. Using too much stain can therefore change the color of the furniture, sometimes not the way you want to. Sand, sand and sand the wood. Don’t forget this crucial step as this makes the wood better in absorbing the stain, adding better finish and longer lasting quality. Test a small portion to see how the stain is. Always stir the wood stain, don’t shake. Use the right brush. For oil-based stains a certain brush is needed vs. the water-based formula. Lastly, work in a clean room where there’s no dust. Having discussed the different types of wood stain from brands such as Behr stain, Minwax and Zinsser, the proper way how to stain wood with the simple steps above and last staining tips, you can now achieve that perfect wood stain finish and enjoy your next wooden project. Now that you know how to stain wood, you’re in good hands to finish that project you’ve been waiting for!