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Perfect Plus Size Furniture for Extra Large Comfort

plus size furniture

Plus size furniture is becoming more and more common now however, it is still difficult to find the perfect furniture fit for comfort. From finding the right plus size clothing, to using the appropriate exercise machines, or to sitting, the right kind of furniture can be frustrating. Today, as more and more producers (like clothing and furniture manufacturers) recognise the need to create tailored items that can suit the plus size crowd, living a more normal life is made much easier. So let’s take a look at some plus size furniture options below.

One of the most common things that plus size people look for and want to own are furniture pieces that can accommodate their frame. In choosing the right kind of plus size furniture, it is important to note the size and strength of the product. Is it comfortable to sit in and lie down? What is its weight capacity? What are the materials used in its manufacturing process? Check if the frame is made from reinforced heavy duty frames so that you know that it won’t break while it is in use. Although purchasing plus size furniture over regular furniture is more expensive, its use and benefit to you is definitely worth the investment.

Plus size people may have difficulties getting up or getting into standard-sized furniture causing pain and extra strain on their backs so comfort issues like these should also be considered when making a  plus size furniture purchase. Does the bed or chair promote correct posture and proper body alignment? Does it adequately support joints and muscles as you get out of the chair? Using the right type of plus size furniture prevents aggravating many weight-related health issues, keeping the plus size person more at ease and relaxed.

You may find out that some of your nearby or local stores still don’t have plus size furniture on display although they can special-order for you from some of the bigger furniture stores in the country. Here are a few suggestions that we have researched that would help you in your next furniture purchase process. Remember though that picking the right plus size furniture that fits your style and preferences (some sites also sell non-furniture items for the plus size consumer) takes time. Even though price wise it may not be as “cheap” as the normal furniture selections, do invest in a quality furniture piece. This will pay dividends later as quality will pay for itself.

1. Oversize Furniture: offers a wide range of comfortable and stylish arm chairs, day chairs, dining chairs, and upholstered chairs.

2. Living XL: From furniture pieces, to clothing, to health accessories, etc., LivingXL has it all. It is your one-stop shop to find everything that you need.

3. Ample Stuff:  some of the items that Ample Stuff sells include chairs, stools, umbrellas, and seatbelt extenders, etc. Check out their site and view the various items they sell.

4. Pearfect:  their tagline “Luxury Seating for Big Beautiful People” is really appropriate for their items.

5. Kleindesign:  these guys make plus size and regular furniture that is personalized and created to wonderfully fit your body.

Now that you know what to look for when purchasing plus size furniture for your comfort, we hope that you find the right furniture piece. Do let us know if you have any other suggestions or places that you like or recommend. We love to hear from our readers on plus size furniture related matters so that others can benefit.

Plus Size Furniture for Comfort

plus size furnitureMany plus sized individuals find that having plus size furniture is more comfortable than regular, standard sized furniture. Most every day, standard sized furniture will not hold up the weight of plus sized individuals over a long period of time and will have to be replaced over and over until the individual either loses weight or invests in extra large furniture made specifically for their needs. Special furniture for large size people is often built sturdier so that it can withstand more weight. Extra large furniture is often more dependable for households with plus sized individuals.

Plus Size Furniture for Inside the Home

Extra large furniture for inside the home can be somewhat hard to find in local stores and typically is slightly more expensive than standard sized furniture options. Many large sized individuals are confused with where to buy plus size furniture; however, online retailers are often the most promising large size furniture outlet. When shopping for plus size furniture, it is best to begin with the basic needs such as a living room chair, couch, dining, and bedroom furniture with specialized bathroom accessories.

Extra large furniture is often referred to as extra wide and can be found in many different styles. Chairs can come as gliding rockers, standard rockers, traditional dining chairs, wheeled office chairs, and even recliners. Traditional plus size sofas comfortably support several individuals whose combined weight can be up to 2000 pounds. Extra large dining chairs can tolerate more wear and tear from normal use than a typical dining chair can for large individuals.

Extra large bedroom furniture is a must for the individual who is plus size as the bed itself along with the mattress and box springs are built differently from standard bedroom furniture. The mattress is built with large size individuals in mind and can therefore withstand more weight without sagging or breaking the springs. Beds for large size individuals are made with added wooden slats in addition to metal braces underneath each slat to allow a more even weight distribution.

Bathroom accessories for large individuals include large toilet seats, bath steps, scales, and benches. Large size toilet seats provide a more comfortable bathroom seating or the plus size individual. Bathroom scales for large individuals are able to stand more weight than standard bathroom scales and often project the weight reading on a wall or other flat surface for easier reading. Bath steps and benches can also withstand more weight than their standard counterparts and can aid the plus sized individual and prevent falls and injuries in the bathroom.

Plus Size Furniture for Outside the Home

Plus size furniture shopping can be a daunting task for any individual trying to find just the right item for their personality and budget, especially when trying to find outdoor patio furniture that will both look nice and be resilient. There are wonderful outdoor furniture options for 500 pound patio furniture. Patio furniture can come in individual pieces or in complete patio furniture sets in many different style and price options.

Patio furniture sets for large size individuals come in aluminum, resin, steel, wrought iron, and even wood materials to match any outdoor decor options. Patio tables come in many different style options as well, such as dining, bistro, buffet, and coffee style tables. Individual patio furniture pieces can be pieced together for truly unique large size furniture set for the unique individuals. Plus size patio furniture is often used on large sized decks behind a large home so that the furniture itself does not look like a child’s toy set in comparison to the deck and house.

Plus Size Patio Furniture, Best Choices Revealed!

plus size patio furnitureThe best plus size patio furniture for large size individuals and families include the typical items such as an individual rocking chair or folding chair as well as large size complete patio furniture sets. Patio furniture that is made especially for large individuals is helpful for large size families as it is more durable, is made to distribute weight more evenly throughout the frame, and also allows the individuals using the patio furniture to relax comfortably without being concerned of a furniture malfunction. Furniture malfunctions often include either the furniture itself breaking or the individual sitting on the furniture item to become stuck and unable to get out of the item without significant help. So let’s take a look at the best plus size patio furniture choices:

Plus Size Patio Furniture: Best Plus Size Patio Chairs

Patio furniture for heavy people such as an extra large patio rocking chair is often significantly larger in overall size and allows the individual to sit back and enjoy the deck without having to wonder if they are going to get stuck in the chair. An extra large patio rocking chair has a larger weight capacity than its standard sized counterpart, often holding an individual up to 600 pounds, and also has an added benefit of being weather resistant to prevent peeling, cracking, and staining. An extra large rocking chair that is also weather resistant can be enjoyed for years to come.

Another popular plus size patio furniture chair option is an extra wide patio folding chair. Extra wide patio folding chairs often hold individuals up to 650 pounds and are made out of lightweight aluminum with a soft, comfortable cushion. The comfortable cushion on the extra wide patio folding chair is made out of an interwoven mesh that is also weather resistant to prevent breakage. The patio folding chair is part of a line of plus size furniture that is durable and easy to store.

A second plus sized folding patio chair can hold up to 1,000 pounds and is easy to travel with. This specific folding chair meets specific guidelines for plus sized furniture to ensure a certain level of quality is met. This chair not only has an extra large seat, but also has large arm rests in addition to large storage pockets. This folding patio chair is one of the most popular folding travel chairs available for large individuals.

Plus Size Patio Furniture: Best Plus Size Patio Sets

The best plus size patio furniture sets for large people often include at least two loungers, love seats, or chairs in the different combinations sold as sets. Occasionally, sets may include coffee or end tables as well. One specific set includes a chair and love seat with a lounger that all feature ultimate comfort, multiple positions, and an attractive design for the personality of every member in the household. This particular set features a zero gravity chair along with a zero gravity love seat and lounger that hold individuals or a couple that weigh up to 500 pounds for a reasonable, budget friendly cost.

A second patio set that is very popular is a more expensive option; however it offers more durability than most of the less expensive sets. Patio furniture for overweight people can be a hard decision to make as there are a lot of options on the market. The second most popular patio set is an extra large outdoor dining set the whole family can enjoy. The extra large outdoor dining set includes a table with 4 extra large, comfortable dining chairs for the plus size family that enjoys eating outdoors when the weather permits. The table and chairs are both made out of solid wood with metal reinforcing bars to give some of the strongest chairs in an outdoor dining set. Now that you’re better informed on all the plus size patio furniture options, we hope that you’ll be enjoying your outdoor space more often.