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How to Find Cheap Patio Furniture for Under $200!

cheap patio furnitureCheap patio and outdoor furniture is not easy to find, especially if you’re looking for durable, quality pieces. However, there are a few big box retailers and furniture stores that offer special clearance prices. The best place to start when consider cheap patio furniture is your budget. Cheap prices are all relative and vary across individuals and families that are looking to make their patio area more comfortable and enjoyable. What constitutes a good deal to one person may not apply to another.


To make it easier for all, we have established a patio furniture budget of $200. We’re not looking at seating sets, sofas and sectionals, lounges, patio chairs, benches and hammocks. The criteria is simple: a patio table, four comfortable chairs and an umbrella. With this in mind, let’s look at some of our best patio furniture deals that we found. Our findings are targeted to Canada and US stores that offer seasonal patio furniture.


It’s also important to note that we’re not picky about the actual material that the furniture is made of as long as it’s durable and is weather resistant and preferably doesn’t fade. So let’s take a look at what we can buy for under $200 when it comes to finding cheap patio furniture.


Although we established a budget of $200, how about a 5 piece cheap patio furniture set that only sets you back $98! The Mainstays Cranston Patio Furniture in  not only cheap but it also gives you the opportunity to hold the chairs thereby making it practical for moving the set around and also giving you the opportunity to use the patio chairs are regular ones inside the house. The tabletop is made of textured linen glass which is resistant and easy to clean. The material is also weather and fade resistant so you don’t have to worry about rust or losing colour.


You’ll have to assemble the entire patio set but when you’re only looking at $98, it should take much effort in getting this set up. The beauty of this is that it can also be used on your balcony since it’s somewhat of a compact patio set. Save the rest of your money and invite your friends over for a bbq with this cheap patio furniture deal.


Can you believe that we found even a better deal when looking for cheap patio furniture? How about a 6 piece folding patio dining set for $88? Home Depot Canada offers an unbranded patio set that includes; 4 folding chairs, a table and an umbrella! The material is heavy duty steel frame that is rust resistant with weather proofed sling fabric. Not only do you get a sturdy patio set, you also get one-year full warranty of the set. The model we found is Model # DT-240124A. If you’re considering that you can get a full set (including umbrella), if doesn’t get any cheaper than this.


Lowes offers cheap patio sets but unfortunately it doesn’t meet our criteria of 4 seats and a table. Worth noting is that, there’s a patio set for 2 costing $184. This patio set is made of aluminium and is foldable. Given its material, it is rust resistant and you can easily use it for your balcony also. Its sturdy (it holds up to 250 lbs!) lightweight nature and design adds to ease of storing when not needed and the best of it is that no assembly is required. This helps especially if you’re not a do it yourself type. It’s a bit more pricey but if you’re looking for a cheap patio furniture set that is of quality, we also recommend that you look at this in more detail. The model is Vancouver Classic PAT3061 Aluminium Slats Bistro Set.


This list will not be complete without our favourite furniture store, Ikea. Although Ikea is known for its cheap furniture prices, we were not able to find a patio furniture set for under $200, but we did manage to find a beautiful set for $209! So, you’ll have to save that extra $9 to get this set but we strongly believe that is worth it given that both the chairs and the table fold flat which gives you the opportunity to store the set in tight spaces. This wooden patio furniture set has been treated with a layer of semi-transparent wood stain for added durability. The model is Askholmen and you can purchase it online from Ikea if you wish.


From all the cheap patio furniture that we researched, we recommend looking at Home Depot. Canadian Tire offers patio furniture sets but we found them to be expensive. Again, cost is a relative factor here but we did set the criteria at $200 for a full patio furniture set. Lastly, we also found Costo patio furniture sets to be higher priced when compared to other available options on the market.


Our last recommendation is to look at your local furniture stores and keep an eye out for patio furniture for discounts or clearance sales. It’s always best to buy off season as the discounts are deeper at that time but not everyone can do that. Regardless of which patio set you decide, we hope that you’ll pick the right one to enjoy for years to come. If you have any recommendations, we’ll also love to hear from you. Please leave a comment below.

Modern Outdoor Furniture for Small Spaces

modern outdoor furniture for small spacesUnlike with indoor furniture, choosing modern outdoor furniture for small spaces is a bit more complicated. You see, with indoor furniture, all you need to think about is your preferred size and design, but for modern outdoor furniture for small spaces, materials and finishes must also be thoroughly considered. This is to ensure that they will last for a long time through the peaks of the four seasons and nasty inclement weathers. Of course it all depends where you reside and the care level for your outdoor furniture. So, let’s get to it and see what works best for your patio furniture.

Top 5 Modern Outdoor Furniture for Small Spaces Revealed!

Patio Seats 

Sectionals, sofas, benches, and lounges are great outdoor seat choices that will serve your family and friends well for simple get-togethers and outdoor parties. Outdoor modern furniture of this kind made with painted steel, woven resin wicker, hard woods such as acacia, and resistant woods like rattan are an especially good choice. Rattan modern outdoor furniture for small spaces is also a great choice as you can easily move the furniture around to fit your setting. If you are going to pick wood, however, make sure that they come with multiple finishes, which increases their durability.

Patio Tables

Occasional outdoor tables may include side tables, coffee tables, and bistro tables. These modern outdoor furniture often come in glass, steel, or wicker. However, if you want a piece with more personality for your home, then you ought to consider one with more eccentric designs such as those that are moulded or carved with intricate pattern. Tables that uses vinyl, plastic, fibreglass, and cast stone are also good choices for unique table since they are versatile. We recommend wicker as it is a great solution for modern outdoor furniture for small spaces. Not only is wider resistant to weather conditions, it is also easy to manoeuvre around and make the best of your limited space.

Patio Dining Set

Perhaps you have even more space to fill in your home? If so, then consider getting a set of dining tables and chairs. These will especially prove beneficial for lively barbecues or cozy dinners. Plain wood plank and steel benches and tables are often the primary choice for this furniture, but we recommend going for exquisite woven wicker or acrylic fibre chairs and glass-top tables. Paired with creamy white and warm wood colours, these dining sets exude a relaxing and inviting ambiance.

Patio Lighting and Decorations

To enliven your yard, pool, or patio and illuminate them once the sun sets, getting an array of lighting systems and outdoor decorations is a must. For lighting, consider light posts, LED globes and lamps, and fluorescent fixtures. Another great choice for patio lighting is solar based. For modern outdoor furniture decorations, we suggest bird baths and nests, planters, and fun statues like koi, gnome, or flamingo.

Patio Outdoor Heating

Most people take full advantage of their outdoor furniture lounges and dining sets during the warm days of summer. However, that doesn’t mean that that is truly the only time you can have fun with them. With a nice heating furniture such as a propane gas and electric heaters or stone and steel fireplaces and fire pits, you can create the perfect atmosphere for a toasty autumn party or warm garden camping.

Modern outdoor furniture for small spaces does not have to be difficult to find or be unattractive. You can build a beautiful patio even in limited spaces. If you pick some of our advise above on the patio furniture, you’ll be able to create a unique and comfortable space where you can enjoy countless hours with your family, friends or even reading a book on your own time. If you have any questions on how to pick the right modern outdoor furniture for small spaces, let us know and we’ll be happy to provide more tips!

Outdoor Wooden Furniture, Our Top Five Furniture Pieces!

outdoor wooden furniture

Now that the weather is warming up, we thought it’ll be appropriate to share with our readers our top outdoor wooden furniture favourites for a perfect patio setting that you can enjoy outdoors with your family and friends. First, it’s important to understand that outdoor furniture needs to be durable. Different factors such as wind and rain can have an impact on your outdoor furniture. Having said that, it is a wise choice to pick a wooden furniture piece for your outdoor that is made of weather-resistant wood. So, what are some of the wood types recommended?

First, you can consider Cedar. Cedar is a soft and light wood. Purchasing a nice and elegant cedar wood bench for your outdoor wooden furniture collection can be a great choice as this can be moved easily from place to place. Great for when having more guests around, especially if you need to pull additional seating to a central area such as a larger table. Another reason we picked cedar as one of our favourite outdoor wooden furniture piece is that, you can stain it and or paint this type of wood very easily. If you have an existing outdoor furniture patio set, you can match the cedar bench accordingly. Not only this, but you can also bring into a Florida Room for example and have it matched perfectly with your other furniture pieces.

Our second favourite outdoor wooden furniture is a nice, elegant table from timber or redwood as also known. Redwood is a great material to have for a beautiful outdoor table. This material holds very well in all weather conditions, it resists decay and it does not warp or shrink. This type of material is similar to cedar wood as described above, so it is easy to maintain. We recommend a clear sealer to be applied to a naturally, outdoor wooden furniture piece such as a garden bench or a table as mentioned.

The third outdoor wooden furniture piece that we recommend is an all weather wicker patio set. For example, we love the Belmont 4 piece brown wicker patio set. This includes a comfortable love seat, coffee table, two wicker chairs and 2 throw pillows. Perfect for catching up over a delicious snack, this outdoor wooden furniture wicker sets provides you with the easy and convenience of entertaining. There’s a 1 year manufacturer warranty attached to this. From a cleaning perspective, just get a wet cloth and some soap and wipe the furniture down, making it very easy to keep it in top shape. Pricing wise, you are looking at $600 to $900 for a nice set. Think long term, as it is worth investing in a quality and comfortable outdoor patio set that will last for years.

The forth outdoor wooden furniture recommended piece is comfortable, durable and quality made chair. We favour the Caravan Sports Infinity Oversized Zero Gravity Chair for the following reasons: it is cost effective, starting around $60, you can have an outdoor patio chair and recliner with multiple adjustments, adjustable headrest and a weight holding capacity of 330 pounds. Not only is this a wise choice for your patio setting, you can also take this to sporting events, the beach or add it as more guests are arriving, or simply store it away by folding it. A versatile outdoor wooden furniture piece that is a must.

Our most favourite outdoor wooden furniture recommendation is a teak patio set or a comfortable bench. Teak outdoor furniture tops our list because it is got all the qualities that you could ever want into a outdoor piece of furniture: it repeals water, it resists decay, ages well and it is very durable. Although, price wise it may not be the cheapest outdoor wooden furniture bench that you can buy, the price you pay is worth it as this type of material can last for generations if taken care of. Reason being is that, teak has its own natural oil and a tight grain quality. These are critical in maintaining the wood in top shape. With its golden colour, a teak outdoor wooden furniture piece such as a bench will add a lot of character to your patio.

We hope that you enjoyed our outdoor wooden furniture top product picks for your consideration. Do consider the material used before buying and the purpose as well as the space and whether or not you need to move your patio furniture often. With these in mind, you’re now set in having a great outdoor patio setting to enjoy with your friends and family.

Plus Size Patio Furniture, Best Choices Revealed!

plus size patio furnitureThe best plus size patio furniture for large size individuals and families include the typical items such as an individual rocking chair or folding chair as well as large size complete patio furniture sets. Patio furniture that is made especially for large individuals is helpful for large size families as it is more durable, is made to distribute weight more evenly throughout the frame, and also allows the individuals using the patio furniture to relax comfortably without being concerned of a furniture malfunction. Furniture malfunctions often include either the furniture itself breaking or the individual sitting on the furniture item to become stuck and unable to get out of the item without significant help. So let’s take a look at the best plus size patio furniture choices:

Plus Size Patio Furniture: Best Plus Size Patio Chairs

Patio furniture for heavy people such as an extra large patio rocking chair is often significantly larger in overall size and allows the individual to sit back and enjoy the deck without having to wonder if they are going to get stuck in the chair. An extra large patio rocking chair has a larger weight capacity than its standard sized counterpart, often holding an individual up to 600 pounds, and also has an added benefit of being weather resistant to prevent peeling, cracking, and staining. An extra large rocking chair that is also weather resistant can be enjoyed for years to come.

Another popular plus size patio furniture chair option is an extra wide patio folding chair. Extra wide patio folding chairs often hold individuals up to 650 pounds and are made out of lightweight aluminum with a soft, comfortable cushion. The comfortable cushion on the extra wide patio folding chair is made out of an interwoven mesh that is also weather resistant to prevent breakage. The patio folding chair is part of a line of plus size furniture that is durable and easy to store.

A second plus sized folding patio chair can hold up to 1,000 pounds and is easy to travel with. This specific folding chair meets specific guidelines for plus sized furniture to ensure a certain level of quality is met. This chair not only has an extra large seat, but also has large arm rests in addition to large storage pockets. This folding patio chair is one of the most popular folding travel chairs available for large individuals.

Plus Size Patio Furniture: Best Plus Size Patio Sets

The best plus size patio furniture sets for large people often include at least two loungers, love seats, or chairs in the different combinations sold as sets. Occasionally, sets may include coffee or end tables as well. One specific set includes a chair and love seat with a lounger that all feature ultimate comfort, multiple positions, and an attractive design for the personality of every member in the household. This particular set features a zero gravity chair along with a zero gravity love seat and lounger that hold individuals or a couple that weigh up to 500 pounds for a reasonable, budget friendly cost.

A second patio set that is very popular is a more expensive option; however it offers more durability than most of the less expensive sets. Patio furniture for overweight people can be a hard decision to make as there are a lot of options on the market. The second most popular patio set is an extra large outdoor dining set the whole family can enjoy. The extra large outdoor dining set includes a table with 4 extra large, comfortable dining chairs for the plus size family that enjoys eating outdoors when the weather permits. The table and chairs are both made out of solid wood with metal reinforcing bars to give some of the strongest chairs in an outdoor dining set. Now that you’re better informed on all the plus size patio furniture options, we hope that you’ll be enjoying your outdoor space more often.

Outdoor Furniture, Know How to Pick the Right Patio Furniture

outdoor furniturePatio or outdoor furniture is essential in having a stylish backyard. Whether is a wicker, teak, wrought iron, aluminium, rattan, plastic or wooden furniture, an abundant choice is available when it comes to furnishing your patio. With so many choices around, how do you pick the right outdoor furniture? This article looks at all the options available so you can make an informed decision.

When looking at the overall outdoor furniture offering, we have the following: tables, chairs, lounge chairs, wooden or metal swings, hammocks, patio dinning tables, bar tables and stools. The material used is however different for each or most of the furniture pieces mentioned above. For example, you can get chairs and tables in plastic, wicker, wood and steal to name a few. There is no “best” material as each provides its own benefits. Wooden furniture, rattan or wicker has always been great choices for beautiful backyards for many home decorating enthusiasts. It’s not hard to realize why this is a better option over plastic or steal. Wood is generally rich, easy to clean and if maintained properly it can last for years.

Another critical factor to consider when furnishing your patio is space. As simple as it may seem, many people do not take this into account before making a final purchasing decision! Have you been to a friend’s house or acquaintance and found that there’s so much furniture around that you can’t move around freely? Don’t be that person. If you have a smaller patio, don’t get an oversized patio table or dinning set for it. You’ll be better off with a smaller to medium size set so you can move around. If space is still available, you can fill this with a few beautiful lounge chair or a few big flower pots. If you have the luxury of space, it makes sense to get a large dinning set.

However, we recommend something different. Take account of your entertaining crowd on average. If space permits, get a medium set. This will allow you to build in a bar area that you can enjoy in addition to your dinner table. You can make this an island bar with four bar stools and a few patio chairs around and voila, you have two locations that you can entertain in now.  If you have children, hammocks and swings are a fun choice. No children or nieces or nephews running around? Don’t let that discourage you from getting a hammock for your own enjoyment. Nothing beats a good read (and a sleep) in a hammock under a breezy shaded area. Lounge chairs are a necessity if there’s a pool around.

Style and comfort are the two most important considerations when picking the right outdoor furniture especially if you are a plus size person. For more information on shopping for outdoor furniture, see our  Plus Size Furniture Shopping article. Large chairs along with high quality cushions are important areas of consideration when it comes to comfort. Also, do you want a chair that swivels, tilts or that is fixed? Regardless of your need, keep in mind that your patio furniture should reflect the style that is shown throughout your house. For example, if you live in a refurbished 100 year old house with beautiful wooden floors we suggest a wicker or a nice wrought iron dinning set as this brings in more character. You can also go with a modern set if your house is newer. Design and home furnishings all depends on your taste and what you’ll like to achieve but remember that material, space, style and comfort are the basic elements you need to consider before making your final outdoor furniture purchase.