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Ashley Furniture Sectional Sofas Furniture Review

ashley sectional sofas

Ashley furniture sectional sofas provide a home owner the ability to easily change the way a room is set up. Most sectionals are large furniture pieces and therefore can take up a lot of room however, let’s take a closer look at these beautiful sectional sofas from Ashley and see how you can use them to your advantage when looking at purchasing your next sofa. Let’s take a closer look at what to expect:

Ashley Furniture Sectional Sofas:

First, there are Modular sectional sofas. These sectional sofas allow you to re-model the individual furniture pieces to create your own favorite seating arrangement being in your living room or recreation room. Second, Ashley furniture sectional sofas come in a range of materials such as leather sectionals or micro fiber or modern sectionals. Sectional sofas are available in a variety of colors, styles and sizes. Lastly, Ashley furniture shops offer sleeper sectionals. These sleeper sectionals are great for guest as they offer a large mattress which gives you the ability to put your feet up and enjoy your favorite movie or just relax. Ashley furniture sectional sofas overall are a great furniture investment as they give you the ability to relax in the comfort of your home and have these furniture pieces be arranged the way you want to best suit your needs in any room.

If you’re shopping for an Ashley furniture sectional sofas, there’s a large selection available for your needs. Most of us do purchase a sectional for our living room. Ashley furniture stores offer the Braxton leather sectional sofa with a luxurious look and top quality leather. The sofa design is contemporary in nature and it offers a plush pillows, great back cushioning and a solid pad seating greatly suited for a living room or a recreation room setting for your and your family enjoyment. Braxton is a protected leather and is a great choice for any household. If you’re looking for a fabric sofa from Ashley furniture, we recommend that you take a look at Avalanche sandstone sectional. The cushions of this sectional are plush and the design is beautiful. The soft upholstery fabric covers the pillows and and there’s a stitch design that blends well. Given that this furniture can be arranged to meet your needs, the Avalanche sectional from Ashley is a really good option for the larger family as there’s a lot of room and the seating can be matched to everyone’s needs. Perfect for the living room setting, the Avalanche collection from Ashley furniture sectional sofas is the sectional choice for most families.

Another great sectional sofa from Ashely furniture is the Connally sectional. This sofa sectional offers a great price tag, typically going for $599 but do shop around to see what other furniture retailers offer before you decide to make a final purchasing decision. The main color is chocolate and it does look nice given its reach color. This sofa is ideal for any room particularly living rooms. The last sectional collection from Ashley that is worth mentioning is the Darcy sectional. The color available are: stone, salsa, mocha, sage and cafe. The plush pillows and padded arms make this sectional an everyday perfect furniture piece for your living area. The design is contemporary in nature outlining a beautiful decor that will complement any room. Now that you’re informed about a variety of Ashley furniture sectional sofas you’re in a better position to know what to look for and what suits your furniture needs.

Furniture Stores, The Top 5 Choices From our Reviews

furniture storesThere are thousands of furniture stores in United States. How do you narrow it down to the best picks so you can save time and money? We have reviewed the top 5 furniture stores for your convenience so you can make an informed decision about your next purchase whether is from Ashley Furniture, Ikea or Ethan Allen. The criteria used for ranking these are based on: product offering, quality, price, online user friendliness and delivery.

Furniture Stores: Ashley Furniture

Ashley Furniture operates via Ashley HomeStores dealers which are independently owed and operated. There are three ways to shop with Ashley: by room, by style and by collection. The first option includes your basic living, bedroom, dinning room, home office and home accessories. If you like to shop by style, their Contemporary line offers the largest selection along with and metro modern, rustic, traditional and cottage to name a few. The furniture quality seems medium-high. Pricing wise, there’s a great range of options thereby giving you the ability to shop for a good quality furniture chair, table or bed at a set budget. Note that there are no actual prices on their site due to their HomeStore dealer networks. It’s best to locate a store near you and either visit their site, call or go in person. Sales are also offered but it all depends on your location and the dealer’s promotion. Delivery also needs to be arranged with one of Ashley Furniture HomeStores outlets.

Furniture Stores: Ikea

Ikea is known for its affordability, modern and functional furniture. Its informative site outlines a full catalogue, assembly help guides, special offer opt in and live help. The user friendliness and the vast information along with a product catalogue gives them an advantage over other furniture shops. The main advantage of Ikea is price. If you are the “do it yourself’ type and are looking for furnishing a room on a budget, this is most likely the best option. If you’re looking for quality wood furniture, we recommend going with a higher price tag item or another retailer. As you probably know, Ikea is not the best option when it comes to home furnishing with quality furniture especially if you are looking for a unique wooden furniture product. Door to door delivery is available at a cost. We recommend Ikea for an office room, student dorm or a child’s room.

Furniture Stores: Ethan Allen Furniture

Ethan Allen furniture line offers 5 signature lifestyles: elegance, modern, romance, explorer and vintage. The option to shop online is available thereby making this a very convenient way to get your favorite furniture piece from the comfort of your home. Pricing is in the medium to high range but the quality is high and worth the money. The overall product line is excellent and you can find anything from living room, dinning, bedroom, home office, outdoor furniture and accessories. The free design service, free shipping and delivery, financing options set Ethan Allen apart from other retailers. In addition to the free design service you can now create your own custom art so mix and match what you like best for one of your rooms.

Furniture Stores: La-Z-Boy Furniture

La-z-boy or lazy boy furniture as commonly know offers the most comprehensive comfort furniture around arguably. From sofas, chairs, recliners, loveseats, sectional sofas, sleepers and lift chairs, you are sure to find something that will not only look good in a room but also be very comfortable. The company has been around since 1928. The quality is high and the price range is medium to high. The La-Z-Boy site offers a 3D room planner, design tools and reach product information. If you are looking for a quality and comfortable sofa or recliner, we suggest that you look at La-Z-Boy for your living or recreational room needs. However, if you are looking at furnishing in a more modern, chic style, we recommend Ashley Furniture or Ethan Allen.

Furniture Stores: Value City Furniture

Value city furniture guarantees the best price around of they will double the difference according to their official site. The product line covers living, bedroom, dinning, mattresses and accessories to name a few. A full blown discount retailer, Value City Furniture provides just that, cost savings. If you are not picky about quality we suggest that you look at this furniture retailer as an option. For example, you can get a 2 piece sectional sofa plus an ottoman for $599. Bedroom sets are offered at $599+ also. If you’re looking for a higher end product, we recommend going with Ashley or Ethan Allen. Where Value City wins is in the mattress selection so if you are shopping around for a mattress, take a look at their offer and you may be able to save on a brand name mattress. There’s also a room planner available, financing and weekly promotions. No online shopping is available but you can print a product and bring it to one of their store locations.

Now that you have a better idea on what each furniture stores offer we hope that we made it easier for you to pick that perfect sofa, dinning set or perfect wood table or wooden accessories for your home. Our suggestions falls between Ashley Furniture and Ethan Allen for their modern, quality, price and additional designer tools made available. For comfort, there’s no doubt that La-Z-Boy wins. Ikea and Value City Furniture are great furniture stores  if you are looking for lower to medium quality furniture to furnish a room at a reasonable budget.