Painting Pine Cabinets

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painting pine cabinetsPainting pine cabinets, a simple know how to guide. If you are looking to change your paint color on your kitchen cabinets and it seems like a dreaded job, don’t panic. We’re here to give you a simple step by step on how to paint pine cabinets for your kitchen or other rooms where pine cabinets are used such as bathroom, living room or you recreational room. So let’s look at the steps required to pain pine furniture.

First, you need to figure out what color you’ll like to use, providing that you want to change the existing color palette. In addition, do examine the hardware carefully. Does this need changing and if so, pick the right pieces so that it matches with the new paint color for your cabinets. Once you have decided on the color and the hardware, if needed, you’re ready to move to step two.

Before painting pine cabinets, cleaning is critical. This can be accomplished by having a soft cloth. Use a mix of warm water and soap and you should have a good base for cleaning the grease off the cabinets. Once this is done, remove all hardware and store them carefully. If you bought new hardware, you can then fill in the wood of the old holes, if needed. A wood filler can be found at your local hardware store. We recommend picking up a color closer to your paint.

Third, now you are ready to sand your pine cabinets. Sanding can be done by hand or by having an electric sander. If you’re not sure if sanding is required on your pine cabinets, just look at the current finish. If your pine cabinets are glossy vs. matte you need to sand. Having a matte finish will help absorb the paint in better fashion.

Now you are ready to prime your pine cabinets. We recommend an oil-based stain as this is the best solution for priming wood surfaces. You can use a wool or polyester roller for the priming stage. Obviously for tight corners, use a brush. This shouldn’t take a long time and before you know it, you’re ready to move to the actual painting of your pine cabinets.

Last step in painting pine cabinets is deciding whether one or two paint coats should be enough. You have a choice of semi-gloss or gloss here, it all depends on your liking and what type of look you want to achieve. Again, a paint roller can be used. Do have a brush handy for the hard to cover wooden surfaces. If you’re doing a two coat paint job, wait a few days and then reapply again. The waiting time varies but we suggest that all surfaces are 100% dry before painting pine again.

Once your paint job is completed, it’s now time to re-install your pine cabinets’ doors and other hardware. Make sure that everything is centered and that all hardware pieces are in place properly. That’s it. Now you you have all the steps needed for painting pine cabinets. Last tips, having a wood cleaning spray handy is a good way to keep your pine cabinets looking new so do give it a polish now and then.