Paint for Wood Cabinets and Where to Find The Best Paint Stores

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paint for wood cabinetsDo you know what paint to use for wood cabinets and where to find the best and most affordable paint stores? Paint for wood cabinets and therefore, paint stores abound in the United States and around the world, with many different places offering paint and accessories at different prices. Most furniture stores have competitive pricing; convenient locations, and online stores, so it can be hard to determine which paint stores for your wood furniture are the best when it comes to value and quality. This article will break down some of the most popular paint stores and talk about which ones offer both factors along with a few more:

Home Depot, Paint for Wood Cabinets

Found all over the U.S.  the Home Depot is known as one of the top paint stores because they offer value, affordability, quality, and diversity. There are dozens of the top paint brands available at great prices for wooden furniture, and the accessories that should be paired with paint are normally very close by. In addition, color swatches that make deciding which paint color is best for your wooden furniture are available in large quantities and a broad color spectrum. This eliminates the need for buying several colors in small quantities to determine the best shade, and many of these paint stores even offer swatches that help determine theme or palette instead of just one color in several shades.

Lowe’s, Paint for Wood Cabinets

Very similar in most ways to Home Depot, Lowe’s offers many of the same brand names and painting accessories for your wood furniture at a similar cost. They do not have as many sales as Home Depot according to online searches, but they do have a great selection of color swatches and can offer expert assistance with matching colors in some stores. This paint store is also known for mixing paints, which can be a great tool for those who want a specialty color that is not available on the shelf for their wooden furniture.

Benjamin Moore Paints, Paint for Wood Cabinets

Although not as populous as the two paint stores mentioned above, Benjamin Moore Paints still offers a lot of diversity and very high-quality paints. This is a great place to find eco-friendly paints in many different colors as well, and the cost is comparable to other high-quality paints available at the other furniture paint stores. Their online store displays many unique color combinations and online tools for helping people choose the right color for any room, and there is a map for finding the store closest to a particular homeowner along with any special deals currently running.

True Value Hardware Stores, Paint for Wood Cabinets

They may focus on every type of hardware, but True Value is listed among the top paint stores in the country by most experts when it comes to quality and value. Offering many of the top brand names and all the accessories needed to get started, they are also an excellent source of painting inspiration and direction from professionals who can talk painting at any expertise level. They are found all over the United States, and their online store shows current promotions, special online furniture deals, and locations for those who need to know where to go.

Ace Hardware, Paint for Wood Cabinets

Most of us have seen the commercials for Ace Hardware, claiming that they are the place with the helpful hardware man. This is very true, although it should probably say man or woman since many stores now have experts that are women as well. They are well known for high-quality wooden furniture paint and more affordable paints, in addition to accessories and advice from the pros. They are a great choice if the homeowner is looking for somewhere close to home that is comparable in cost to the big chain stores, but they are one of the best options for advice and affordability if these are key factors. Check with their online map to find the closest store, and be sure to look for current sales if you already know what brand you are looking to purchase for your paint for wood furniture.