How to Spray Paint Wood Furniture, Easiest Steps!

how to spray paint wood furnitureIt this article, we are looking at how to spray paint wood furniture the easy way. There are a variety of reasons for using spray paint on furniture. The obvious reasons consist of achieving a better result in a less period of time versus the traditional painting methods such as using brushes and roller painters. The paint finish is also north noting as you can get a better result. Lastly, if you are painting a large surface such as a table of long bench or chairs, using a spray makes more sense as the color will be more uniformly distributed. So let’s now look at how to spray paint wood furniture:

How to spray paint wood furniture:

The painting method consists of a few easy and simple steps. First take a wet and soft cloth and clean the surface. Second steps involves sanding. Get a reasonable grade sanding paper and sand the furniture well. Sanding will help the paint stick to the wood better and therefore increase the quality of the finish product. You should sand in the direction of the grain. Once the complete surface is sanded, clean again with a damp cloth to remove all dust. Now, you are ready to spray paint. Make sure that you’re working in a reasonable lit area and you have your ground cover, we recommend using some old bed sheets for example to avoid unnecessary paint on the floor. If you have a garage or a work shop, that’s the perfect set up as well as a back yard.

Begin by spraying in the direction of the wood grain, applying uniform sprays. Note that you may have to use a brush in some of the areas that are hard to paint so have one handy. Paint tape may also need to be used for some of the furniture areas that do not required paint. You can apply two coats if you wish, allow then furniture to dry for a few days after. If you are replacing any hardware, leave the wood to dry completely.  That’s it, you’re done. A few things to note when you spray paint wood furniture: if you are doing it yourself, you need to have good control of the paint gun and move in an effective and efficient matter,  covering all the surface well.

Another additional tip that we’ll like to share aside from spray paint wood furniture is that, you can also spray paint plastic furniture. Most of us do buy the typical plastic patio chairs and if colored, they tend to fade after a while. Painting these patio furniture chairs is an easy and economical way to bring in new life to your furniture, thereby saving you money in the long run.

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