How to Paint Wood Floors And Pick The Right Wood Paint

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how to paint wood floorsWood floor painting could be a daunting task however, we are going to make it easy for you and show you how to paint wood floors the easy way. Your floor surface needs to be protected from your daily wear especially if you have a large family and pets. Having said that, a new coat floor paint will help providing long lasting protection to your wooden floors and save it from scratches. Let’s begin.

How to paint wood floors:

As mentioned, if you have children or pets, especially larger dogs at home then it becomes even more essential to paint the wooden floor with the best quality painting material because children have the habit of playing with toys, which can cause cuts and scratches on your flooring. Additionally, a good quality wood paint will also protect discolouring of wooden floor due to spilling of water or some sticky materials such as gum, paste, water paint, oil paint or more such things that are often used by the children.

Let’s take a look at what steps are needed in how to paint wood floors: When you start applying the paint you need to remove everything out of that area, and clean the entire area to make it free from dust and stains, to ensure that the paint will adhere to the floor surface effectively. It will also be wise to choose a bright sunny day to carry out the task of painting the floors. Secondly, try to provide proper ventilation by opening up the windows and doors so that the paint gets dried in a proper way. Also, make sure that nobody steps in on the wet paint; otherwise it will leave the patchy marks on the newly painted surface. Let the paint settle. Before you start using the floor, make sure that it is dried up well by simply doing a test.

When you start applying the wood floor paint you should perform light sanding with the help of sand paper first, and then clean the whole surface thoroughly so that it becomes easier to apply the paint and assure that it will be adhered to the wooden surface lying underneath. One of the most important parts when picking up wood paint is the choice of quality and colour of the paint. Don’t go cheap as this will only last for a short time. You’re better off shopping around to get the best deal around, but do go with a medium to high quality wooden paint. After all, your wooden floor will look beautiful and you would not want to paint again for a while. Now that you know how to paint wood floors, you’re in a better position to save money and complete that house project.