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Wooden Christmas Ornaments, Our Best 6 Items Revealed!

wooden start decorations for christmas

Our top wooden Christmas ornaments revealed! When it comes to decorating for the holidays, you want to use personal decorations that elicit wonderful memories of holidays past or decorations that are sure to create new memories, especially if you make them yourself or get the whole family involved. We’ve rounded up 6 of the best wooden Christmas ornaments so you can decorate your home with a personal touch.



Wooden Tree Base

wooden christmas tree base for christmas decoration






Whether you’re looking for a more natural way to hide the base of your tree, or if you simply don’t like tree skirts, you can make your own wooden tree base. It doesn’t matter if you have a real tree or an artificial one, this DIY wooden tree base will instantly dress up any tree in your home.

Peppermint Striped Wooden Candlesticks

wooden candle holders christmas decoration






Using a 4×4 post cut into three different lengths, spray paint, and a drill, you can make these festive peppermint candlesticks. Distress the wood after you paint it for a rustic look, or leave the spray paint as is for a more modern look.

Wood Star Ornaments

wooden start decorations for christmas






For a simple, fun, and rustic wooden Christmas ornaments, make these wonderful wood star ornaments. These would be great to make with your family this holiday season to give your mantel or tree an extra personal touch.

Reclaimed Wood Snowflake

wooden star decoration






If you have a bunch of pallets lying around and you’re not sure what you should make with them, why not create an oversized wooden snowflake to put in your living room or front porch? This rustic and stunning snowflake is sure to be a conversation starter at your next holiday party thereby making it one of the perfect wooden Christmas ornaments!

Rustic Christmas Tree

wooden christmas tree decoration






When you don’t have room for a full-sized tree and you want to show off your DIY skills, this rustic Christmas tree is the perfect tree for you. You can take it to the next level by screwing in small hooks and hanging ornaments and lights on it. Or, if you’re skilled with wood burning, you can create your own ornaments by burning them into the wood.

Twiggy Skates Ornaments

wooden skates christmas decorations






When you have an infinite number of twigs in your backyard or neighborhood, don’t throw them away! Instead, make these adorable twiggy skate ornaments to hang on your tree, over your mantel, or from the ceiling light in your dining room. These are especially wonderful if you are celebrating your baby’s first Christmas or your child’s first time skating.

Article written by Kelly Mahan, also a writer for, a company that connects homeowners to reliable, affordable and professional contractors for their home improvement projects. Check more on Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter.

Italian Design Wooden Bedroom Set Product Recommendations

Italian Design Wooden Bedroom SetsWhen it comes to modern bedroom designs, Italian design wooden bedroom set products are considered to be the most desirable. Featuring clean lines and fine details that undoubtedly radiate class, they easily complement other furniture and provide a warm yet sophisticated ambiance. If you are looking for, then look no further as we provide five of the most beautiful sets in the market today.

Matrix Composition 8 Furniture
Simple but refined. This is perhaps the best way to describe Camelgroups’s Matrix Composition 8 set. Designed, constructed and packed in Treviso, Italy, the set features glossy, dark walnut finish and furnished with lighting and cream leather headboard tufted with Swarovski crystals. The base set comes with two nigh stands and slats while a chest and four-door wardrobe is separately offered for more storage options. One of our favourite Italian design wooden bedroom sets!

Tuscany Contemporary Wooden Furniture Set
Coming from ALF Group, a highly-regarded company producing outstanding Italian design wooden bedroom set products, the Tuscany Contemporary Set fluidly combines traditional and modern with its deep shade and smooth lines. The base set comes with a queen-size bed, two nightstands, a dresser, and a mirror. Should you require more storage options, you can also avail of the separate chest and media chest.

Empire Collection Furniture
Truly a symbol of opulence, the full neoclassical set includes a king-size bed, two side tables, a dresser mirror and table, a TV cabinet, a six-drawer cabinet, and a stool. All of these Italian design wooden bedroom set products smooth feature smooth lines and beautiful curves reminiscent of Late Empire style. It uses cherry wood veneers and bronze work, with a nice touch of French gold.

Serena Bed Group
Giving off a cool and calm aura, the Serena Bed Group made by Ben Company is the perfect choice for large homes. The set features fine details set atop black and silver-lacquered wood and includes two side tables, a three-drawer dressing table, and a four-door mirror wardrobe. Slim and slick, the set completes both traditional and modern-themed rooms.

Zaffiro Classic Set Furniture  
Searching for something to spice up the look of your bedroom? Then FPM Tuttomobili’s Zaffiro Set might just be what you are looking for. It features delicate, raised designs adorning the head and footboard as well as its accompanying side drawers, mirror and dresser, and four- or six-door wardrobe. The Italian design wooden bedroom set products’ intricate details, paired with the glossy white or mahogany finish, gives it a warm and artsy vibe.

Beatrice Set with Giro Bed
Not to be outshined, MCS Italia comes out with a chic bedroom theme with the Beatrice Set. This gorgeous set includes a high-quality giro bed, two side tables, a dresser and mirror, and a four- or six-door mirror wardrobe. All the furniture pieces included in the set feature beautiful curves and lining and can be obtained in cream or walnut finish. For a classy modern room, Italian design wooden bedroom set products are unmatched. Why don’t check our product recommendations and see which will turn your ideal bedroom visions into reality?

Wooden Office Furniture, Our Top Five Picks!

wooden office furnitureWhen it comes to wooden office furniture, wooden pieces exude elegance and class like no other. With deep colors and beautiful gloss, wooden office furniture will make any room look fit for the country’s top company executives. If you want to give your office a warm personality, then wooden furniture should be your first choice.
The Best Wooden Office Furniture
There are literally thousands of wooden furniture brands and styles in the market today. However, we believe that the following are some of cream of the crop:
1. Bridgeport L-Shaped Computer Desk with Optional Hutch
Made by Riverside, a company with over 50 years of history, this gorgeous desk constructed with poplar hardwood solid and engineered wood is a prime example of class. It features burnished cherry and black finish, dovetail drawer joints mounted on ball-bearing slides, and base levelers, all of which ensures stability and durability.
It boasts of a handful of storage options, including a felt-lined center storage, a left locking door with adjustable shelf, two right-hand drawers, and a locking file drawer. This wooden office furniture also comes with an optional hutch, which features two doors, a drawer beneath each enclosure, and a larger center section.
2. Goggle Desk
Fusing modern and rustic, the Goggle Desk is designed by Danny Venlet and produced by Babini Office. It is a modern executive desk that comes in a variety of colors and features beautiful glossy outer lacquer and glossy or matte inner finish.
For storage options, it offers drawers, modesty panel, and credenza doors, perfectly fitted within the oval table and constructed with either olive wood or Ambra walnut.
3. Slim Desk
Sporting a seemingly lackluster design, Slim Desk is a wooden office furniture crafted by Manuel Saez & Partners for Humanscale. It features a steel bar, which comes with different attachments such as a computer screen mount, pots, and pen holders. It also comes with top-sliding drawers, one of which holds different sockets for easy management of your electronic devices, and a sliding panel beneath it for the keyboard.
4. Porter Office Chair with Casters
This is a top product from Signature Design by Ashley. Made with select cherry veneers and hardwood solids and topped with deep burnished brown finish, it radiates warm, rustic elegance.
Keeping in mind the user’s comfort through possible endless hours of work, it features brown leather upholstery for the seat and back support. Further ensuring stability and control, this wooden office furniture provides a gas-lift mechanism and a five-point rolling leg.
5. Seabrook Storage Tower
This is a perfect office storage solution as it comes in different heights and depths. Made with solid woods, with chamfered edge and a beautiful espresso finish, it includes several baskets created from interweaved braids of straw grass. These baskets can actually be removed or changed as they slide in and out with ease. Manufactured by OSP Designs, this is both a versatile and affordable office furniture.
Make your office formal yet warm and inviting. Choose any of the wooden office furniture we suggested in this article or similar pieces to decorate your office today.

Home Office Furniture, Our Ideas and Plans Revealed!

home office furniture ideas and designThe best home office furniture will not only give your room a warm and inviting ambiance but also make your work days highly comfortable and productive. However, finding the best pieces can be difficult, given the overwhelming choices you have.  So how do you pick from home office furniture desks, home office chairs and accessories and create a modern home office? That is why we have created the list below wherein we share our ideas for finding the best home office furniture.

Creating a Perfect Home Office Furniture Shopping List
To get the best and most efficient furniture, we believe that creating a thorough shopping plan is of utmost importance. Here are the steps you need to take:

  1. Know how much space you have—large wooden hutches and armoires may look beautiful with their classic look and quiet elegance, but they are impractical for small rooms. Similarly, a Spartan desk and simple chair will make a large office look empty and uninspiring. Having a rough idea of your total floor space will help you better envision your room and buy appropriately-sized home office furniture.
  2. Assess your work schedule—if you are going to spend numerous hours a day in your office, then buying a great ergonomic chair is crucial. One that provides excellent back support and cushioned seat such as the Steelcase Leap is ideal. Picking a table that offers enough top space for all your work materials as well as storage for easier access of files and tools should also be a priority. Furniture made for entertainment and relaxation will also be useful.
  3. Consider yourself and your work partner—if you are not the only one to use the home office, then you have to adjust your choices, especially when it comes to tables, cabinets and wall mounts. The furniture’s size and depth must correspond to both your heights and needs. That may mean getting a fancier work table that allows for better collaboration, different chair sizes and style, efficient dividers for improved concentration, and larger storage cases.
  4. Determine your budget—you can easily blow thousands of dollars when buying home office furniture. That is why, before actually start looking up your options, you must already set a budget. This will help you decide where to buy furniture, which pieces need to be prioritized, or if you need to look or wait for deals to save money.
  5. Choose a theme—a modern table such as the MILK Classic, a vintage bookcase, and a slick, black ergonomic chair may look gorgeous separately. However, placed in a single room, they will look conflicting and unpleasant. Choosing a theme—such as rustic, modern, or minimalist—and choosing furniture based on it will make your room harmonious and your shopping task easier.

Picking the right home office furniture pieces doesn’t have to be a huge task. Working at home can be both joyful and difficult as you are able to spend more time with loved ones but have to deal with more distractions. That is why, to guarantee that your work days will flow smoothly and happily, you must choose your home office furniture carefully and wisely. By following our step by step above will ensure that you have all the information needed to make the right choice when picking home furniture pieces for your office.

Cleaning Wood Furniture Naturally, Easy and Simple Steps

cleaning wood furniture naturallyCleaning wood furniture naturally can be a daunting task, given that this type of furniture tends to be weak against inclement weather and strong chemical components. Nonetheless, by utilising green cleaning agents and simple but efficient methods, you can turn your aged wood furniture into beautiful, new-looking pieces. So let’s take a look at how this can be achieved:

Natural Wood Cleaner and Polish Recipes
People are becoming more conscious of the environment today, and this newfound awareness has increased our choices when it comes to green wood furniture cleaners. However, the most potent cleaners and polishers still remain those that are homemade. Consider these natural alternatives for cleaning wood furniture in your home, and you will see a desirable positive difference:

  1. Vinegar and oil—thoroughly mix one part white vinegar with three parts oil (you can use whichever you prefer, although olive oil seems to be the popular choice). The vinegar will pick up the dirt and grime while the oil will give your furniture a smooth gloss. Use cloths to cover wide surfaces and a spray bottle for cleaning intricate designs and embellishments.
  2. Baking soda—the best treatment for white marks caused by hot cups and glass sweats, this solution requires you to mix equal parts of baking soda and water. Take a dollop of the mixture and gently rub it into the furniture marks to eliminate them. You can also use other abrasives such as salt and ash if you do not have baking soda on hand.
  3. Wax—cleaning wood furniture is not just about taking out dirt; it is also about revealing the wood’s original gloss and preventing it from rapidly deteriorating. For natural polishers and water repellent, beeswax and car wax are the best choices. They will make scratches less visible and give your wood furniture a long-lasting protective film.

Simple Tips for Cleaning Wood Furniture

If you want to clean your wood furniture without compromising its intrinsic details, there are several things you have to remember:

  1. Clean in an open space—cleaning wood furniture in an enclosed space might only result in more damage to your wood pieces due to accidental bumping and scratching. Instead of taking that risk, bring your furniture to your garage or yard where you can freely reach every nook and cranny.
  2. Start with dusting—try to take out as much dirt from your furniture as possible before applying cleaners. Use dusters, paper towels, and a vacuum cleaner, if necessary.
  3. Follow the grain—always make sure that you clean wood furniture following the wood grain. This will significantly reduce any ill effects your cleaner and cleaning agent might have on the wood.
  4. Consider the wood finish—different finishes react differently to cleaning agents. Simple washing liquids is better for painted wood, soapy solution applied with a cloth works well with unsealed wood, and liquid solutions picked up with a sponge can do wonders for well-coated veneer wood furniture.

Cleaning wood furniture need not be a pain. Choose eco-friendly cleaning materials and follow the tips we shared in this article, and you can easily expand your furniture’s lifespan. Not only will you get best results by using natural products you will also contribute to helping out our environment by reducing the chemicals used in some of the cleaning wood furniture products.

Wood Furniture Restoration, A Simple Guide on Restoring Your Favourite Wood Pieces

wood furniture restorationWood furniture restoration can be applied to tables, chairs, chests, bed frames, cabinets and drawers to name a few. By following the right restoration process, you can turn any wooden furniture into a beautiful piece. As result, this articles looks at the wood furniture restoration process and gives steps by steps instructions on how to restore wood by the proper way, taking into account time and money.

Everyone wants a perfect restored wood furniture piece and are therefore, spending a lot of time and energy in finding that perfect high gloss finish or trying to sand down the wood perfectly and then applying two to three coats of gloss. This can be achieved if you have plenty of time available. However, how do we look at achieving the best of both worlds? Time and cost savings? Let’s start by looking at the main thing: the wood material. The wood material and general condition of the wood furniture will dictated the effort and time that you need to put into a wood furniture restoration process. The following are some of the best wood materials to consider: pine, maple, oak and birch.

Now let’s look at wood restoration tools needed to start your project. first and foremost goggles are need to protect your eyes from varnish or stain used following by gloves (we recommend cloth gloves), metal scrapper, a cover that can catch all the scrapping, a small to medium size wooden brush, rags (one dry, one damp for cleaning), glue and screws if needed. Now, depending on what you restoring, go ahead and disassemble the wood furniture piece so you can get ready for the next step, cleaning the furniture.

Cleaning the wood furniture can be done by simply using a wet cloth, dipped in a soap and water bucket. This is best as it can be used to clean the wood throughly. If the dirt does not come off, you can use a mix of cleaning products via your hardware store. After this is completed, if parts of the wood furniture still needs cleaning, you can go ahead and start strip the wood with a metal stripper as mentioned above in the tools necessary to restore wood furniture. Use little force as you do not want to take pieces of the wood that are perfectly fine. Wash off the wood again and let it dry for a while. Once dry, you can apply a liquid stripper according to the colour, if lighter areas are needed, go ahead and apply this. Wood furniture is beautiful, so you’re highly unlikely to restore a wood furniture piece that is drastically different from the original colour and shape.

After you have applied a coat of stain, or two, depending on the original condition, it’s time to varnish the wood. Varnishing is a simple process, just follow through the wood making even strokes and pay attention to corners and edges. After a while, let the wood dry and apply another coat if needed. Don’t go to thick with the coats. Let the wood dry again and wipe it again with a dry cloth. One this is done, you should be able to achieve a great looking furniture piece that can now last you for decades. If you want to go a step further, you can apply wooden wax to the furniture, depending on what you are restoring.

These are the easy step in wood furniture restoration. Hope you enjoyed the article and keep on coming back for more informative tips on wooden furniture, wood painting, outdoor wood furniture and overall wood related matters. If you have any other tips involving wood furniture restoration process, we welcome you to submit your feedback and comments!