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How to Find Cheap Patio Furniture for Under $200!

cheap patio furnitureCheap patio and outdoor furniture is not easy to find, especially if you’re looking for durable, quality pieces. However, there are a few big box retailers and furniture stores that offer special clearance prices. The best place to start when consider cheap patio furniture is your budget. Cheap prices are all relative and vary across individuals and families that are looking to make their patio area more comfortable and enjoyable. What constitutes a good deal to one person may not apply to another.


To make it easier for all, we have established a patio furniture budget of $200. We’re not looking at seating sets, sofas and sectionals, lounges, patio chairs, benches and hammocks. The criteria is simple: a patio table, four comfortable chairs and an umbrella. With this in mind, let’s look at some of our best patio furniture deals that we found. Our findings are targeted to Canada and US stores that offer seasonal patio furniture.


It’s also important to note that we’re not picky about the actual material that the furniture is made of as long as it’s durable and is weather resistant and preferably doesn’t fade. So let’s take a look at what we can buy for under $200 when it comes to finding cheap patio furniture.


Although we established a budget of $200, how about a 5 piece cheap patio furniture set that only sets you back $98! The Mainstays Cranston Patio Furniture in  not only cheap but it also gives you the opportunity to hold the chairs thereby making it practical for moving the set around and also giving you the opportunity to use the patio chairs are regular ones inside the house. The tabletop is made of textured linen glass which is resistant and easy to clean. The material is also weather and fade resistant so you don’t have to worry about rust or losing colour.


You’ll have to assemble the entire patio set but when you’re only looking at $98, it should take much effort in getting this set up. The beauty of this is that it can also be used on your balcony since it’s somewhat of a compact patio set. Save the rest of your money and invite your friends over for a bbq with this cheap patio furniture deal.


Can you believe that we found even a better deal when looking for cheap patio furniture? How about a 6 piece folding patio dining set for $88? Home Depot Canada offers an unbranded patio set that includes; 4 folding chairs, a table and an umbrella! The material is heavy duty steel frame that is rust resistant with weather proofed sling fabric. Not only do you get a sturdy patio set, you also get one-year full warranty of the set. The model we found is Model # DT-240124A. If you’re considering that you can get a full set (including umbrella), if doesn’t get any cheaper than this.


Lowes offers cheap patio sets but unfortunately it doesn’t meet our criteria of 4 seats and a table. Worth noting is that, there’s a patio set for 2 costing $184. This patio set is made of aluminium and is foldable. Given its material, it is rust resistant and you can easily use it for your balcony also. Its sturdy (it holds up to 250 lbs!) lightweight nature and design adds to ease of storing when not needed and the best of it is that no assembly is required. This helps especially if you’re not a do it yourself type. It’s a bit more pricey but if you’re looking for a cheap patio furniture set that is of quality, we also recommend that you look at this in more detail. The model is Vancouver Classic PAT3061 Aluminium Slats Bistro Set.


This list will not be complete without our favourite furniture store, Ikea. Although Ikea is known for its cheap furniture prices, we were not able to find a patio furniture set for under $200, but we did manage to find a beautiful set for $209! So, you’ll have to save that extra $9 to get this set but we strongly believe that is worth it given that both the chairs and the table fold flat which gives you the opportunity to store the set in tight spaces. This wooden patio furniture set has been treated with a layer of semi-transparent wood stain for added durability. The model is Askholmen and you can purchase it online from Ikea if you wish.


From all the cheap patio furniture that we researched, we recommend looking at Home Depot. Canadian Tire offers patio furniture sets but we found them to be expensive. Again, cost is a relative factor here but we did set the criteria at $200 for a full patio furniture set. Lastly, we also found Costo patio furniture sets to be higher priced when compared to other available options on the market.


Our last recommendation is to look at your local furniture stores and keep an eye out for patio furniture for discounts or clearance sales. It’s always best to buy off season as the discounts are deeper at that time but not everyone can do that. Regardless of which patio set you decide, we hope that you’ll pick the right one to enjoy for years to come. If you have any recommendations, we’ll also love to hear from you. Please leave a comment below.

Kids Wooden Tables and Chairs Recommendations

kids wooden tables and chairs

When it comes to kids wooden tables and chairs, there are a lot of choices but do you know how to go about picking the right furniture for you children? Since wooden tables and chairs are the common pieces needed to ensure a proper set up for your child, there are key elements to selecting the right furniture. Let’s take a closer look at what’s on the market so you can make an informed decision.

What Are the Best Kids Wooden Tables and Chairs?
One of the most important children’s furniture you can get is tables and chairs. While you have literally thousands of choices, we think these kids wooden tables and chairs will give your children happiness and bring out their creativity:

Guidecraft Deluxe Art Center

Guidecraft Deluxe Art Center Furniture for kids

Are you seeing hints of da Vinci or Picasso in your child? Then you ought to cultivate it further with this table and chair set. The table has a well on one side and a cabinet with more storage on the other, perfect for fun art and play sessions.


Fantasy Fields Magic Garden Set

Fantasy Fields Magic Garden Set
Let your little ones frolic in a fantasy kingdom with the Magic Garden Set. This set includes a table and two chairs in gorgeous light colors and adorned with cute-faced flowers and critters.




Lipper International Kids Desk with Chalkboard Top

Lipper International Kids Desk with Chalkboard Top
Classy, sturdy, and affordable—these qualities make this kids wooden tables and chairs set a hit among many parents. The walnut shade gives it a rustic feel while the storage provides enough space for a single kid’s art and school supplies. All the materials, including the chalkboard paint, are non-toxic to ensure children’s safety.



KidKraft 2-in-1 Activity Table

KidKraft 2-1 activity table

Children love to play. If you want to develop their imagination further and keep them busy and happy at the same time, this activity table will do you wonders. The board top is reversible: one side is Lego-compatible while the other features a painted landscape. This table comes with 200 Lego-like blocks and a 30-piece train set.




MacKenzie-Childs Wee Rocking Chair

MacKenzie-Childs Wee Rocking Chair
Featuring a splash of color and a party of polka dots and stripes, this fun rocking chair will add a touch of whimsy in your kid’s room. It is made with hardwood solids and hand-painted using non-toxic paints.





Toddler Tables Kid’s Toddler Table

Toddler Tables Kid’s Toddler Table
Do you perhaps have smaller children around several months to two years in age? If so, this kids wooden tables and chairs set is for you. The chairs are actually incorporated into the table, allowing the babies to eat and play without getting you worried about their safety. The table is low but offers enough space if all four seats are occupied.



KidKraft Octagon Table and Stools with Striped Umbrella

KidKraft Octagon Table and Stools with Striped Umbrella
Summer days are the best days for picnic. Let your children enjoy some fun under the sun with this table and chair set. The seats are quite low, so they pose no threat in case the kids stumble backwards. While the set is delivered with a rough finish, you can easily stain it with your desired shade.



Certainly, you have more options than what we have laid out in this article, but why not create a perfect shopping list using ideas from the kids wooden tables and chairs we shared with you?  If you have any additional wooden furniture pieces that you think are great to add to the list above, please list them below!

Dark Living Room Furniture Recommendations

dark living room furniture

Dark Living Room Furniture Recommendations: Wooden furniture generally exudes a warm ambience to whichever room they are placed in. While light wood gives a humble, homely feel, however, dark living room furniture, and other dark wood furniture for that matter, radiates a more sophisticated aura. We compiled some information that will help you make an informed decision when it comes to darker furniture colours for your living room. Here are some suggestions:

Best Woods for Living Room Furniture 

If you are thinking of getting dark living room furniture, then you first have to know the best wood choices. Here at Wooden Furniture Hub, we believe these are the best materials for dark and urbane furniture:

  • Mahogany—a gold standard, dark wooden furniture made from mahogany tend to stand out with its deep shade and distinctive grain. It is generally expensive, but its durability as well as the classic designs and intricate details, especially carvings, it typically comes with make up for the price.
  • Walnut—be it American Black or European, walnut wood, with its flexibility, beautiful chocolate color, and simple grain pattern makes it a great choice for long furniture like benches and tables.
  • Rosewood—this wood is highly valued and has been previously restricted for importation. It features a deep, rich color with prominent black streaks, which create a desirable pattern that specially fits flat-board furniture, paneling, and veneers.
  • Ebony—if you are looking for dark living room furniture of the deepest shade, then grab one made with this. Featuring a pure black shade, Ebony is dense, has a fine texture, and finishes smoothly, making it the top choice for decorative furniture.

It is also worth noting that dark living room furniture need not have an actual dark wood base. So if you are partial to light-colored woods such as ash and holly, you can still enjoy dark furniture by getting them in dark stains such as mahogany or espresso.

Top 5 Picks for Dark Wooden Living Room Furniture

To give you a head start in finding the best dark wooden furniture for your living room, we suggest these lovely pieces we have found:

  • Hooker Furniture Preston Ridge Square Cocktail Table—made from hardwood solids and featuring two drawers and contrasting, black rub-through and cherry finish this furniture is heavy but easy to assemble.
  • Myakka Thakat Large Stool—made with hand-waxed Indian rosewood, it features soft curves incorporated in a traditional Indian design. High enough as a seat for dining or piano and perfect for showcasing your prized ornaments and memories.
  • Myakka Hathi Large Dresser—another beautiful piece from Myakka, this dark wooden living room furniture offers generous space for books, china, and cutlery with its three shelves, two drawers, and two-door enclosure. The doors are showcases hand-carved elephants, which give this furniture a whimsical feel.
  • Safavieh Kenneth Side Table—nothing short of classy, this side table draws inspiration from Spanish and Mexican influences and features contrasting edging and intricate drawer carvings.
  • Hokku Designs Alexandria TV Stand—simple in its black finish and matching brushed nickel knobs and steel hardware, Alexandria is able to hold your entertainment set with ease. It features raised panel doors, adjustable leg levelers, and five adjustable shelves.

Give your favourite room a subtle elegance with dark living room furniture. Furnishing your room should not cost a lot either, so shop around for suitable furniture pieces. Start your search with the choices we shared with you and you should be able to enjoy your new furniture with your family and friends in no time.

Teak Outdoor Furniture Reviews!

teak outdoor furnitureTeak outdoor furniture: created from a tropical hardwood, teak outdoor furniture is highly prized due to its strong resistance to extreme weathers. While typically more expensive than your average wood furniture, its longevity makes it a great choice for any home. Even without a finish and unprotected—which is often how this type of furniture is made and sold—teak furniture is guaranteed to last for years. It is even passed down to next generations as an heirloom in some families.

7 Teak Outdoor Furniture Sets You Should Consider

If you are thinking of getting teak outdoor furniture sets for your own home, then you might want to consider these beautiful sets we have found:
OASIQ Limited Dining Set
Exuding a warm, inviting ambience, this set includes a table and four chairs. The table is square, with a beautiful symmetrical engraving while the seats are armed and come with a white cushion. Both the table and chairs are available in a soft brown color.
Tres Chic Seating Collection by Tommy Bahama
Chic yet warm, this teak outdoor furniture collection features beautiful horizontal lines and curves formed with brushed stainless steel and hand-rubbed teak. It includes four items: a sofa with flared arms and cushions, two simpler teak-slats chairs with optional cushion, a cocktail table made with multiple oval wood pieces and joined by stainless steel spacers to create a floating effect.
Gloster Adirondack Collection
Relive your most memorable countryside or beach memories with this classic teak collection. It features simple wooden slats and is composed of two side tables and four chairs with accompanying foot stools and optional cushions.
Three Birds Casual Lounge Seating Group
Ditch the boring poolside lounges with this eccentric outdoor furniture set. This collection features a humble low square side table and two chaise lounges. The lounges recline to six positions and, even better, include a set of wheels for increased mobility.
Modway Marina 3-Piece Seating Group with Cushions
Want to ensure total relaxation with your outdoor furniture? Then Modway Marina is your best choice. This set includes a fine loveseat and two nice rockers featuring a natural color and rich grain textures. All the seats come with water- and UV-resistant cushions with washable covers.
EcoChic Lifestyles Teak for Two Bistro Set
Wildly screaming “retro,” this teak outdoor furniture set includes two chairs and a table, all of which are made exclusively with reclaimed materials—boat teak and iron from bridges. All of the pieces are light in weight and folds easily for transporting.
All Things Cedar Butterfly Dining Set
Including an oval table that extends to a length of 72 inches and four folding arm chairs, this set is simple but beautiful. Made with Java teak, it features a natural teak oil stain, Mortise and Tenon joinery for improved durability, and solid brass fittings.
Teak is not only durable but also beautiful, what with its vibrant color and quiet elegance. What do you think of the teak outdoor furniture sets we presented in this post? Share your thoughts with us in a comment below.

Modern Outdoor Furniture for Small Spaces

modern outdoor furniture for small spacesUnlike with indoor furniture, choosing modern outdoor furniture for small spaces is a bit more complicated. You see, with indoor furniture, all you need to think about is your preferred size and design, but for modern outdoor furniture for small spaces, materials and finishes must also be thoroughly considered. This is to ensure that they will last for a long time through the peaks of the four seasons and nasty inclement weathers. Of course it all depends where you reside and the care level for your outdoor furniture. So, let’s get to it and see what works best for your patio furniture.

Top 5 Modern Outdoor Furniture for Small Spaces Revealed!

Patio Seats 

Sectionals, sofas, benches, and lounges are great outdoor seat choices that will serve your family and friends well for simple get-togethers and outdoor parties. Outdoor modern furniture of this kind made with painted steel, woven resin wicker, hard woods such as acacia, and resistant woods like rattan are an especially good choice. Rattan modern outdoor furniture for small spaces is also a great choice as you can easily move the furniture around to fit your setting. If you are going to pick wood, however, make sure that they come with multiple finishes, which increases their durability.

Patio Tables

Occasional outdoor tables may include side tables, coffee tables, and bistro tables. These modern outdoor furniture often come in glass, steel, or wicker. However, if you want a piece with more personality for your home, then you ought to consider one with more eccentric designs such as those that are moulded or carved with intricate pattern. Tables that uses vinyl, plastic, fibreglass, and cast stone are also good choices for unique table since they are versatile. We recommend wicker as it is a great solution for modern outdoor furniture for small spaces. Not only is wider resistant to weather conditions, it is also easy to manoeuvre around and make the best of your limited space.

Patio Dining Set

Perhaps you have even more space to fill in your home? If so, then consider getting a set of dining tables and chairs. These will especially prove beneficial for lively barbecues or cozy dinners. Plain wood plank and steel benches and tables are often the primary choice for this furniture, but we recommend going for exquisite woven wicker or acrylic fibre chairs and glass-top tables. Paired with creamy white and warm wood colours, these dining sets exude a relaxing and inviting ambiance.

Patio Lighting and Decorations

To enliven your yard, pool, or patio and illuminate them once the sun sets, getting an array of lighting systems and outdoor decorations is a must. For lighting, consider light posts, LED globes and lamps, and fluorescent fixtures. Another great choice for patio lighting is solar based. For modern outdoor furniture decorations, we suggest bird baths and nests, planters, and fun statues like koi, gnome, or flamingo.

Patio Outdoor Heating

Most people take full advantage of their outdoor furniture lounges and dining sets during the warm days of summer. However, that doesn’t mean that that is truly the only time you can have fun with them. With a nice heating furniture such as a propane gas and electric heaters or stone and steel fireplaces and fire pits, you can create the perfect atmosphere for a toasty autumn party or warm garden camping.

Modern outdoor furniture for small spaces does not have to be difficult to find or be unattractive. You can build a beautiful patio even in limited spaces. If you pick some of our advise above on the patio furniture, you’ll be able to create a unique and comfortable space where you can enjoy countless hours with your family, friends or even reading a book on your own time. If you have any questions on how to pick the right modern outdoor furniture for small spaces, let us know and we’ll be happy to provide more tips!

Cleaning Wood Furniture Naturally, Easy Steps

cleaning wood furniture naturallyCleaning wood furniture naturally can be a daunting task. As known, wooden furniture tends to be weak against harsh weather and strong chemical components. Nonetheless, by utilizing green cleaning agents and simple but efficient methods, you can turn your aged wood furniture into beautiful, new-looking pieces. Here are a few steps in cleaning wood furniture naturally:

Natural Wood Cleaner and Polish Recipes

People are becoming more conscious of the environment today, and this newfound awareness has increased our choices when it comes to green wood furniture cleaners. However, the most potent cleaners and polishers still remain to be those that are homemade. Consider these natural alternatives for cleaning wood furniture naturally in your home, and you will see a desirable positive difference:

  • Vinegar and oil—thoroughly mix one part white vinegar with three parts oil (you can use whichever you prefer, although olive oil seems to be the popular choice). The vinegar will pick up the dirt and grime while the oil will give your furniture a smooth gloss. Use cloths to cover wide surfaces and a spray bottle for cleaning intricate designs and embellishments.
  • Baking soda—the best treatment for white marks caused by hot cups and glass sweats, this solution requires you to mix equal parts of baking soda and water. Take a dollop of the mixture and gently rub it into the marks to eliminate them. You can also use other abrasives such as salt and ash if you do not have baking soda on hand.
  • Wax—cleaning wood furniture is not just about taking out dirt; it is also about revealing the wood’s original luster and preventing it from rapidly deteriorating. For natural polishers and water repellent, beeswax and car wax are the best choices. They will make scratches less visible and give your furniture a long-lasting protective film.

Simple Tips for Cleaning Wood Furniture

If you’re looking to cleaning wood furniture naturally without compromising its intrinsic details, there are several things you have to remember:

  • Clean in an open space—cleaning wood furniture in an enclosed space might only result in more damage to your wood pieces due to accidental bumping and scratching. Instead of taking that risk, bring your furniture to your garage or yard where you can freely reach every nook and cranny.
  • Start with dusting—try to take out as much dirt from your furniture as possible before applying cleaners. Use dusters, paper towels, and a vacuum cleaner, if necessary.
  • Follow the grain—always make sure that you clean furniture following the wood grain. This will significantly reduce any ill effects your cleaner and cleaning agent might have on the wood.
  • Consider the wood finish—different finishes react differently to cleaning agents. Simple washing liquids is better for painted wood, soapy solution applied with a cloth works well with unsealed wood, and liquid solutions picked up with a sponge can do wonders for well-coated veneer wood furniture.

Cleaning wood furniture naturally need not be a pain. Choose eco-friendly cleaning materials and follow the tips we shared in this article, and you can easily expand your furniture’s lifespan.